Tour of the farmer's pride, "Kura" and "Farmhouse Gardens"

Tour of the farmer's pride, "Kura" and "Farmhouse Gardens"

Garden culture of Tsugaru’s wealthy farmers

Garden culture of Tsugaru’s wealthy farmers


Visit Kura and Japanese gardens of Tsugaru's wealthy farmers

In the Onoe area of Hiralkawa city, there are more than 300 Kura earthen storehouse, of which nearly 80 are located within the Kanaya district, and half of them are designated as national registered tangible cultural properties of Japan. Most of them are owned by farmers, and the scenery weaves together with various large and small gardens called "Tsubo" has been designated as one of the top 100 Rural Landscapes and the top 100 Kaori ( fragrance ) Landscapes. Our professional guide provides an exclusive opportunity to experience and explore the private farmhouse and gardens.


39 Kura storehouses registered as tangible properties of Japan

During the postwar agricultural land reforms, a tenant farmer's dream was to become an independent and build a Kura storehouse of own.
With a growing need of storage facilities for apple and rice farmers, an easy access to wall cray, soil and sand also encouraged the construction boom in Kanaya area from 1950 to 1963. However, as farming patterns changed, Kura, a symbol of prosperity for both farmers and merchants, has become a strange room for household goods and the builder's craftsman skills are practically lost in modern days.
Enjoy the history and authentic stories of apple farmers and Kura culture with our guide.



Gather at Kura / Introduction


A tour of Garden and Kura





2,000 yen per adult

Fees include

Guide fee and consumption tax

Minimum number

4 people~


Approximately 1 hour


April to November

Special Note

【Caution】Please be cautious of cars, bicycles, etc. while walking on public roads.
【In case of rain】In case of rain, the tour may be conducted under an umbrella. The event may be cancelled in case of inclement weather.


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